Tuesday, May 3

Sweetness of Dandelions

So the other day, I hear banging on my front door... "Mommy, I need you, mommy, I need you!!"  I come running to answer my 3YO insistent pleas for me! and there she stands with a wad of dandelions.

"Mommy, I picked these flowers for you... Happy Flower Day!"

What could be sweeter?   :)  Okay, I am sure this in not my best photo of the week, but I am still linking up to Sweet Shot Tuesday! just for the fun of it! :)

Sweet Shot Day


  1. That is very sweet! Did you know that you can actually pick the dandelions, take off the flower heads, clean them and then make them into Dandelion jelly. It has a really sweet, honey like flavor. A friend of mine made it once and shared with me. I have yet to be brave enough to try it, but there are recipes for it on the internet. Just thought if you lived near an abundance of dandelions it might be a fun project to do with your sweet little ones. Have a happy day!

  2. So, so sweet. I love it when my children pick me Dandelions. i think they are the happiest flowers ever. Sucha a cute post!
    Your blog is lovely.
    Be Blessed.


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