Monday, May 2

who am I counting for?

Last week, my Multitude Monday post got over 50 hits over the course of the week... and only ONE comment!  I was a little depressed... was it that boring?  but then I got to thinking. Why am I doing this list of 1000 gifts? Is it for the praise of man??? or to bring glory to the God who daily loads us with blessings?  So this week I am sharing my list and closing comments! Still loving Ann Voskamp's gratitude booklet!! :)

(3 weeks of 7 gifts each day)

starting on Easter Sunday
504. celebrating the Resurrection
505. singing old hymns
506. ham dinner at my Mom's
507. watching the kids on an "Easter egg hunt"
508. safety on our trip home in the rain
509. Arby's Roast Beef and Cheddar
510. sleeping in my own bed again

511. cheesy eggs and toast
512. daffodils and one pansy

513. open windows
514. hearing my wind chimes
515. preparing for tomorrow the night before (I need to do that more often!)
516. lightening and thunder
517. God's grace and mercy ... every day!

518: breaking out the flipfops
519. grocery shopping
520. running into friends at the park
521. soaking in some sun
522. reviewing the Psalms for Top Ten Tuesday
523. computer side job for my husband... a little extra income is always nice
524. chickens named Sunshine and Mocha

525. snuggles with my two little girls
526. laundry to fold... abundance of clothes for my family to wear
527. shaking off the guilt
528. receiving a free e-book 31 days to clean
529. Awana Awards night... my kids worked hard on memorizing verses all year
530. getting Krispy Kreme donuts to celebrate ... giving kids sugar past their bedtime! :)

531. Green, green grass!
532. kids sleeping thru all the thunderstorms this week
533. visiting with a friend... it had been too long since we connected!
534. stocking the freezer with ground beef/hamburgers
535. taking a walk to the mailbox

536. getting used to the chickens
537. finishing my crafty blogpost before bed

538. watching Royal Wedding videos on the web... enjoyed the sermon!
539. safety even with van overheating
540. neighbor lending a hand
541. Five Minute Friday
542. making collections on Artfire
543. kids playing outside
544. meatball subs for dinner

545. Wes making breakfast (he does it every Saturday, and I was getting grumpy that he wasn't doing it in my timing... I don't want to take it for granted that he serves us so well!)
546. new stamp sets from a yard sale
547. finding decent bathing suits for my girls
548. Rita's Ice with my 6 YO
549. fresh cut grass
550. burgers, sausage, hot dogs on the grill
551. fellowship with church friends

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