Thursday, June 2

My first born son

I should totally be packing right now... because the kids leave for the grandparents house tomorrow... and I get to go to Florida... but packing totally stresses me out!!

So instead, I am going to celebrate my first born!!  He turns EIGHT today!!!!

HOURS old with Mommy and Daddy

FIRST birthday with Winnie-the-Pooh cake

cupcakes for birthday TWO!!

chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for THIRD birthday

counting candles on his FOURTH birthday

Transformers/Monster trucks birthday with friends for FIVE

 Our whole family with the SIX year old!

Birthday SEVEN... with a Camo cake!
 and very excited about his StarWars shirt when he turned 7

And now he is EIGHT, but we don't have time for a cake today, and don't want the leftovers sitting here is a picture of my sweet 8YO at the parade on Monday!


  1. Happy Birthday to your 8 year old son!!!! I hope he has a fantastic day. I love your posts about your children's birthdays. I really like how you share a picture from each age. Neat. Happy, Happy Birthday, birthday boy!

  2. So sad that there was no cake for his birthday. He didn't sound like he cared. Is grandma making him cake when they get to Ohio?


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