Friday, June 3

Today is not every day


Now that it is summer, everyday is usually spent feeding four little kiddies breakfast, making sure my hubby has a bag lunch before he leaves for work, making sure the littlest two potty and all get dressed, putting off pleas to watch TV, encouraging reading, starting laundry, making coffee, eating some physical food and some spiritual food, checking in with Facebook and twitter, making lunch, planning dinner, doing more laundry, sending the kids outside to play, feeding the chickens, maybe, MAYBE doing some housework, writing a blog post, dreaming about making handstamped cards, etc. Not necessarily in this order.

But today is not every day! Today I am boarding a plane for Florida with my husband, without my kids, for a little get away and relaxation!!! I can't wait to soak in some SUN!


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My Five Minute Friday was typed in the airport... Now I am soaking some warmth and sun in Florida. Looking forward to a great long weekend with my hubby.


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