Tuesday, June 21

Photographer's Block

Okay, so I would never really call myself a photographer, except that I do take pictures, so I guess that might make me a photographer.  I committed myself to taking at least ONE picture a day for the year 2011... and I have been doing pretty good.  I did it with the intention of finally taking my camera off "AUTO" however, that really hasn't happened.  However, the last 3 days have been a complete bust.  It becomes 10 o'clock at night and suddenly I realize that I haven't touched my camera all day!!  so I sit on my couch and pick up my camera and try to find something interesting in my living room to take a picture of ... these are my pathetic attempts to keep taking one picture a day...

a lighthouse mirror hanging in my hallway... nice and all, but not really all that phenomenal as far as photos go... not even an interesting photo subject

and a wad of pretty... but fake, flowers I bought with the intention of making my house a little "springier" but then I did nothing with them.... look, they still have the price tag on!

thankfully, my son lost a tooth today, so that at least gave me an interesting photo subject, but it sure isn't comparable to all the photos you will find linked up with Darcy at My3Boybarians and her "Sweet Shot Tuesday" link up.

so somebody, please, send me some inspiration... or my Project 365 is gonna fall flat this year!!

So for this week's entry into Sweet Shot Tuesday, I pull this from the files of our trip to Florida 2 weeks ago.

Why is it that my "Sweet Shots" are almost always of FOOD... I think I have an obsession! :)  This one is a "homemade hostess cupcake", and it was delicious!!  So if you are ever near Sarasota, FL, take a little detour and check out this cupcake company!!

Sweet Shot Day

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  1. I get them too, and that cupcake. I can hardly stand to look at it!!

    Hope you have a blessed day♥


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