Monday, June 20

just keep counting, just keep counting

So, I have been avoiding blogging lately in an effort to get the right perspective, right priorities... it's not working!  I have not been counting my blessings either, so I want to just focus on what is RIGHT in my life right now!  So here's my re-cap of the last 2 weeks!  Last time I counted some of my blessings, I was in the middle of some time away with my sweet hubby (read more about him, here).  so here are some other things I enjoyed on our mini-vacation along with a recap of the last 2 weeks...

672. some great Spanish food
673. a massage
674. window seat on the airplane
675. a new VAN for our family!!

676. Attending LYFE Conference
677. beginning with some great entertainment from Harris III
678. some fantastic fellowship with ladies from church
679. some great workshops and encouragement from God's Word
680. great food, including a warm apple dumpling
 681. a new coffee mug... reminding me that my God is not stuck in a box!!

682. hugs and kisses from my kids after many days away
683. my 3YO ... "I missed you,  Mommy, I missed you a lot!"
684. the beauty of a red cardinal in my yard
 685. the awe of a black bear in my back yard...  sniffing out my chicken coop... in broad daylight!
686. making delicious Peanut Butter frosting for a chocolate cake for my son's belated birthday!
687. my 6YO and 8YO giving me the "morning off" by making breakfast (bagels)
688. getting a hair cut after WAY TOO LONG!
689. a beautiful moonrise
690. taking one last picture of our cat...

691. tender hearts of little children
692. rain to mix with tears
693. flowers on kitties grave

694. taking the kids to a ball game!
695. attempting to get a normal picture of my four kids (normal is relative!)
 696. eating dipping dots at the ballgame
 697. being mom to the cutest 3 YO ever!!!
698. cotton candy and blue tongues

699. fireworks after the game
700. tired but happy kids
701. Saturday morning pancakes made by my hubby
702. milk mustaches

703. my girls remembering the Wkids fun center at Wegmans after a long day (childcare at the grocery store)
704. the prospect of a new lead pastor at our church
705. hearing our candidate preach!
706. singing in church
707. steaks on the grill for Father's Day
708. my dad calling ME on Father's Day! :)
709. counting my blessings, naming them one by one!
710. knowing His mercies are new every morning ... and there is grace for the day ahead!
711. receiving One Thousand Gifts in the mail last week... now I need to go read it!

getting closer to 1000 with Ann Voskamp...


  1. Yeah for receiving your copy of One Thousand Gifts. I still haven't read it yet either. I am completely freaked out by the black bear sniffing out your chicken coop in broad daylight. I am SO terrified of bears and I can't imagine having one come waltzing up in my backyard. I would never let the kids outside again! Not really, but it would make me awfully nervous! I love the look of that apple dumpling made my mouth water. Great list of gifts, but I am so sorry about your cat. We have a cat and I can't imagine him not being there. I'm sorry.

  2. sounds like you have an interesting life. A bear in your backyard- awesome!


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