Friday, June 24

Red, White and Blue

It's Patriotic Week at CSI Project this week.  I am all inspired to make some decorations, or create something every time I go to this site, but I've been busy and distracted lately.  So my patriotic stuff won't get up until July 2... maybe!  But until then...

When I saw the Red, White, and Blue on CSI Project this week, I began to wonder why I never made any patriotic hand-stamped, handmade notecards.  Might just have to add that to my to-do list in the craft room.  then I began to wonder if I had ever made any cards with the Red/White/ Blue theme, because that is a great color scheme.  So off to my pictures folder in my computer I went.... searching, searching through my past cards to see if I had ever made red, white and blue cards and here is what I discovered!!

This fun flowered one from the archives!!  I just made this card again recently for birthdays, but I used different colors.  I might have to do the red/white/blue again!!

Then I found this one, that I did recently for my sister... she just had a baby boy and needed lots of thank you notes, so I made her a set of these!

My most recent one was this one that I did for Father's Day... I even sold two, but never even sent one to my dad, I am horrible at actually mailing all the cute cards I make!! :)

and then I found this one...I actually still have a set of four in my stash!  I think I am having a hard time parting with it, because A LOT of work went into this card. (but if you want them, they are for sale, here)  There was a lot of stamping, a lot of shading, a lot of cutting and then the assembly of the cards themselves!  A perfect Man thank you!

So there you have it... my non-patriotic contribution to Red White and Blue week at CSI Project... now go check out all the patriotic submissions!!


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