Friday, June 24

the wonder of childhood

Okay, so it's 11:00 pm on Friday night, and I should totally be in bed, but I really want to join in with Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday!!  I have been stewing over the prompt most of the day... WONDER! (does that mean I took more than 5 minutes?)  so anyway, here goes nothing...


Oh the wonder of a child... the incessant questions, the insatiable curiosity, the fascination with the little things, finding joy in simple pleasures.  Somewhere along the line we lose these things... and I want them back!!

I got a glimpse of it once this winter when I went sledding... most fun I have had in ages (although I still hate to be wet and cold).  Now that we have a great hill out our front door, I am looking forward to sledding again next winter (not looking forward to it, too much; I still want a nice long warm summer!!)

I hope I never lose the wonder of seeing wildlife in my back yard ... deer, turkey, a coyote, even a black bear, but mostly deer and turkey!! :)

I want to reclaim the wonder of dancing in the rain, splashing in puddles, picking dandelions...

I want to be a kid again and that is hard for me!!  Oh the wonder of childhood.  Oh the carefree ...


okay, that was shorter than I thought it would be; my mind kinda went blank. I blame it on the late hour, but at least I am "back in the saddle" with Five Minute Friday!  Maybe tomorrow I will get a chance to read through some of the other great submissions to Five Minute Friday... go check them out!

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