Thursday, July 28

counting with family visits

A whirlwind week that I am still recovering from... hence the Multitude Monday has become Thankful Thursday! :)  but it is still the counting of the gifts!  My three sisters came LAST Monday-Wednesday (with one niece and my NEWBORN nephew)  It was really all about my adorable nephew, but I had some great sister time as well!! my kids LOVED him... couldn't get enough of him. And my oldest said he really wanted a baby brother! (um, sorry, kiddo!)

Then Friday, my husband's brother and his family came to visit. Their kids are all mixed in agewise with my kids, so we had 7 kids, ages 3-8 running around for 4 1/2 days! :) it was lots of fun! and in the midst of this, I counted (and took some pictures ...until my camera broke)!

907. hearing train whistles from the valley
908. Valley of Vision (pg. 85)
909. impromptu stop at the park
910. my sisters' visiting!!

911. holding my nephew for the first time
912. fresh fruit
913. breakfast for dinner
914. decadent chocolate cake

915. staying up late talking
916. reminiscing our childhood
917. sleeping baby
918. baby cries
919. baby smiles

920. The dollar spot at Target
921. big bubble wands

922. Rita's for lunch

923. dripping ice cream
924. rainbow sprinkles
925. photographs to freeze moments

926. paper plates
927. Aunt Jennie doing bath time
928. baby snuggles

929. shirts on sale
930. tacos for lunch
931. saying good bye (so that we can say hello again someday)
932. a cool basement
933. nerf darts stuck to ceilings

934. a window air conditioner
935. french toast
936. moments of quiet
937. the rod of correction
938. perfect timing of a friends text
939. my lawn swing
940. baby blue eyes

941. nachos/cheese

942. dishes washed
943. water bottles filled
944. individual snack bags
945. music for the soul
946. cousins arriving, chaos ensuing

947. crockpot dinners
948. Mother in law's leftover texas sheet cake arriving with brother in law/sister in law

949. kids in the sprinkler
950. air conciditioned move theater
951. watching Sienna watch the movie

952. an early dinner
953. well-behaved kids at the restaurant
954. card games with family

955. reviewing Ephesians at church
956. buying 2 more chickens (one of these days I will get eggs!)
957. driving through the country side

958. Starbucks Frappacinnos'
959. girl time with my sister in law

960. lots of kids playing at the park

961. sliding with my 3 YO

962. raindrops
963. capturing images in my head ofter my camera focus/zoom broke
964. 4YO nephew dragging my 3YO daughter to see the trains
965. cooling temperatures
966. snuggling under a blanket with hubby

967. homemade waffles
968. Wes cleaning up breakfast
969. good bye hugs (again, so we can say hello someday)
970. playing catch with my 6 YO
971. spilled coffee (all over my One Thousand Gifts book) :(

come back next week... hopefully on Monday... I am sure that I will be topping 1000!!!!

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