Monday, July 18

Slowly counting

counting a little slower this week...  This week is tough... I wanted to blame it on the full moon, (but that in itself is a gift from our Great Creator) It was really just the devil, trying to get me down...he almost succeeded!  I still managed to count blessings, but I felt some of it was superficial, forced!  My kids fought like cats and dogs, I yelled and hollered, got mad at them, got mad at my husband, confessed my sins/anger and then did it all over again!! So please bear with me as I count... and know that God gave me a lot this week internally that I don't know how to put into words!!

858. morning on the swing...
859. homemade Mac and cheese with Velveeta
860. Hazelnut coffee
861. laundry flapping in the preeze
862. naps
863. phonecalls with friends
864. gentle reminders to calm
865. conviction
866. reading Jesus Storybook Bible with the kids before bed
867. pancakes in the freezer ready to go for breakfast
868. letting my 3YO brush my hair
869. air conditioned library
870. Mama instincts
871. meeting a friend  at the park
872. energy of kids
873. pediatricians
874. reading the Valley of Vision
875. serving unto Christ
876. remember that it's Water... it's just water
877. Nothing serious damaged in a flooded garage (the result of a 4YO and a hose...)
878. pajama mornings
879. snuggles on couches
880. reading to my kids
881. chickens taking a dust bath

882. easy dinners
883. bedtime prayers
884. unexpected break
885. blanket/table tents
886. trainsets
887. little girls in princess dresses
888. being aware of my sin
889. praying as a FIRST resort
890. chickens running free

891. puffy white clouds

892. my 8YO son still needing to snuggle with his mommy
893. me, responding to the Spirit's prompting to go snuggle with my son when he was past the point of no return... 10 minutes of love is all it took.
894. meeting my mentor at the park
895. kids burning energy at the park

896. pushing my kids on the swings
897. simple lunches
898. shopping lists
890. moonrise

891. cleaning house with the kids
892. heart shaped train tracks

893. ... kids showing me they love me despite my mistakes!
894. marinating meat
895. shooting a clay pigeon (me, with a gun!)
896. (my hubby getting a couple, too)

897. chicken and pork on the grill
898. picnic food
899. fun with friends
900. encouragement from an older mom
901.  dump cake  (I make mine without nuts)
902. baptisms at church
903. leftovers
904. photographing a pretty flower

905. having cereal and ice cream for dinner
906. anticipation...

... just keep counting, just keep counting! Join Ann Voskamp as we count together each Monday!!

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