Friday, July 15


Oh, the Five Minute Friday prompt of LOSS... I've been feeling a little negative this week, so I didn't really want to touch this topic... we will see what happens.

Five Minutes of just writing (which I really don't consider myself a writer, so it's not easy)
no editing, no second guessing, no worries of perfection (yeah, right)
then go love on the other writers...


I've started and stopped this post a million times in my head this morning... even started it and stopped on the computer... and I've got nothing (at least nothing positive)  but I guess that's the thing about loss, it's mostly negative!

I do not consider myself a writer and there in lies the problem... I have lost my desire to blog (a little bit, the draw is there, I just don't want the work involved) Because I am a perfectionist I spend way too much time on each blog I post, especially when pictures are involved because I like to think I am a photographer and I want perfect pictures, too, but that ain't gonna happen any time soon.

So I am not a writer, and I am not a photographer, so I have LOST any thing worthwhile to blog about...

However, I do consider myself an artisan (or at least I am attempting... again with the perfectionism) so if you are interested in handmade cards, go check out yesterday's blog post for a chance to win my "artwork."  I like to think I will post more of my cards on my blog, but that means taking pictures of my cards and making them look "just right" and then uploading... all of which takes time. And while I know that every day has 24 hours... I seem to keep losing hours, too!!


well, there you have it, my pathetic attempt to be a writer... and yes, I have lost all optimism this week, too.


  1. Hi! I have to say that I love where you took today's prompt! I'd say you are a writer:) I also checked out yesterday's post and your cards are great...someone made me a card that looked a bit similar a few years ago, and it is STILL hanging on my wall. Blessings!

  2. Hi! Found you on the #fiveminutefriday trend. I found myself nodding in agreement many times with your post. I too find loss to often be negative (which led me to be creative in my blog post today...). And I struggle with my blog too because I want it just right.

    Keep on. I took a quick peek at your cards--adorable :)



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