Monday, August 8

the 1000, the infinite gifts

just because I reached 1000 doesn't mean I am going to stop counting, but I didn't do a great job of writing down every day, so my list is shorter this week, but still I am counting.

1004. motivation to mop the kitchen floor.
1005. drinking decaf coffee, with a great friend!
1006. blue and black butterfly flitting around my backyard
1007. kids playing well together
1008. chocolate covered fingers and faces
1009. eating our first backyard eggs!
1010. bunk beds... great for saving space, a real PAIN to change the sheets! :)
1011. homemade juice pops
1012. the kids "playing" Adventures in Odyssey
1013. finding an egg in the nesting box almost every day

1014. a chilly day, perfect for Taco Soup!!
1015. one kid eating seconds, one kid eating THIRDS!
1016. a complement from Wesley
1017. sun shining through the clouds on an otherwise dreary day
1018. singing along with the car radio
1019. lighting pretty smelling candles
1020. my new-to-me camera arriving in the mail!!
1021. finally getting a picture of "Thing 1" and "Thing 2"  (can't wait until they start laying)

1022. great deals and money back on soccer stuff for the older kids!
1023. field of Queen Anne's Lace

1024. butterfly kisses from my little girls
1025. fresh corn-on-the-cob, and Chiavetta's chicken on the grill for dinner!
1026. meeting my daughter's pre-school teacher in church
1027. starting a puzzle as a family... a global one!

join the counting at any time...

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  1. How wonderful to reach 1000 gifts and beyond! I love watching the butterflies in the yard. Bunk beds are so much fun. Love singing with the car radio! The field of Queen Anne's Lace is so beautiful! :)


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