Friday, August 5

A whole lot of nothing

It's Five Minute Friday again...

I type the word "Whole" (our prompt for this week) and my WHOLE mind goes blank.  I just can't think! Seriously, I could just sit here for five minutes and think of nothing to write on the word whole...

My whole life
a whole day
my whole family
a whole meal

(the word "Whole" is starting to look funny to me)

what makes a person whole?

it has been almost a whole YEAR, since we moved and I have been thinking on "anniversary" posts! I love my house!

so I am back at WHOLE ... and I still got nothing!  so maybe I will try again later.


So go visit The Gypsy Mama and all the other great writers for some blog posts that are a WHOLE lot more interesting then mine!  :)


  1. This post is too cute! By the time I was finnished the word looked completely wierd to me and I thought I must have got the prompt wrong. Enjoy your WHOLE weekend!

  2. I also focused on how the word sounded:)! I was repeating it over and over and my son started looking at my like I was nuts;)! Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for being my inspiration to attempt such a cool thing as this! It was fun and I was able to post without spending ALL day on!


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