Friday, August 26

day off??

a re-post from October 13, 2008 ... sometimes it's discouraging that I am thinking the same thoughts I did 3 years ago...

I know that my job as a mother is a very important one

I know that the time I spend investing in their lives will count for eternity

I know that the "compensation" can not be compared with any monetary salary

I know that this is God's will for my life right now

I know I should say "yes" to my kids more than I do

I know that it is only a season and a short one at that

I know that SOMEDAY I will miss this

I know that the dust and dishes and laundry can wait (but the bills can't)

I know that God made me a mother to show me how selfish I am

I know that God loves them and me more than I can every imagine

I know that God has great plans for my little ones

I know that He has blessed me to allow me to have a part in their training

I know, I know, I know

BUT I still could really use a day off!

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