Friday, September 2

Five Minutes + on Rest

So my 2 week bloggy break stretched into a little bit longer, but I ran out of scheduled posts... so it's been quiet around here.  I have been counting my blessings and taking pictures and am looking forward to a long post to catch up on all that, but for today... it's FRIDAY, and that means #FiveMinuteFriday with the lovely Gypsy Mama!

Today's prompt is REST


Even without blogging the last 2 and a half weeks, life has been busy.  The kids started back at school and I have only one at home on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so you would think life would slow down and I would get some rest, but it hasn't happened yet... I have been busy helping my youngest stay entertained without her siblings, I have been doing a little bit of housework, I have been working hard with homework in the afternoon (spelling is not my 3rd grader's favorite task), and packing lunches the night before ... an AWFUL chore... so life hasn't been restful.

Then I have these crazy chickens... and they need attention every morning and night ... (so the neighborhood black bear doesn't flip their coop again).  Long story short, we were supposed to go visit my family as a family this weekend, but we couldn't find someone to watch the chickens... so my husband told me to go without him (he had extra work to catch up on and lots of mowing at the house)  I fretted over the decision ALL WEEK (and cried a lot) but finally decided to go.  Travelling with FOUR kids all by myself doesn't sound very restful either, but then ... one sister took 2 kids and my mom took 2 kids and I went another sister's house ... and found REST!  :)

We stayed up for an hour and a half talking and catching up... and peeking in on her sleeping 3 month old son (he's the whole reason we came to visit) and then I went to bed... and slept without any interruptions, without anybody needing me, without anybody pulling on my arm in the middle of the night because of a bad dream.

and then the morning was so relaxing... holding Jackson a little bit, doing some reading, working my #SSMT verses, drinking decaf coffee ... RESTING.

looking forward to 4 days of resting and fun with family and then rushing back to my hubby again!!


(I took longer than 5 minutes, just like Lisa-Jo and Melissa)

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