Monday, August 1

I made it to 1000!

This was a week of ups and downs (aren't they all!) I had some emotionally down days, days I just didn't even want to get out of bed.  I had a much harder time finding the gifts (so much so, that I was afraid I wasn't going to make it to 1000 this week). The biggest one this week for me was on Thursday night... I had had a  couple of bad days, and I was feeling unlovable. I looked out my back window, like I do ALL the time, and said, "ya know, God, it's been a while since I've seen any deer back here." (okay maybe not quite like that) but anyway, just after we put the kids in bed, I looked out the window again... and there was a deer meandering through the field. I almost missed it, and then as I stood there and stared in amazement, I saw another one hidden in the tall grass.  do you think He loves me???  so here are my gifts (without photos, because my camera is broken!) :( ...okay a couple of photos from hubby's iPhone!

972. summer storms
973. library fun
974. little kids in little racecars

975. a little escape (Arbonne spa party)
976. chocolate and fruit (what a great combination)
977. a bright red cardinal on green trees
978. leaves rustling
979. birds singing
980. chickens fighting
981. phone call from a friend
982. freshly ironed shirts
983. interruptions
984. tears and prayer
985. herbal fruit tea
986. orange butterfly
987. yellow chickadee
988. Scripture memory
989. sharing my soup bowl with the kids
990. my 3YO singing LOUDLY, while using the bathroom
991. 2 deer in my backfield (it doesn't get old)
992. gentle breezes across my skin
993. wind chimes
994. reminder (from The Gypsy Mama) that I am not a failure (even if I think my blog is)
995. ice cream on hot days
996. kids sharing their favorite things before bed (a counting of the gifts)
997.the smell of fresh cut grass!
998. 3YO making her peanut butter sandwich
999. a vacuumed house (deep clean vacuuming)
1000. kids in canoes with Daddy
1001. songs all about God's Grace
1002. reminder at church to trust the Gift Giver, not in the gifts
1003. our first backyard, homegrown egg!!!

come count with me...


  1. I understand those tough days all too well where you wish you could hide from the world. I can relate to 990-made me laugh:) Love 975&976! Sounds heavenly! Thanks for sharing your list.

  2. Your blog is not a failure, please don't listen to THAT voice! My first time here, and I think it is lovely. A wonderful list of blessings. . .may you find all that God has for you.

    I'm counting. . .I'm getting there:)

  3. What an amazing list, and at 1000-- congratulations! Your list made me smile, especially #990, and #1003-- that is something special. I also liked #984...I think some fruit comes out of tears and prayer. Blessings to you.


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