Tuesday, August 2

cake is so sweet

It's Tuesday again... and while I would love to join Top Ten Tuesday at OhAmanda... I just can't come up with 10 of anything right now, so I will join in with Sweet Shot Tuesday.

Sweet Shot Day

If you read my blog regularly, you will remember that my camera BROKE!! I dropped it, and the lens will no longer focus or zoom in/out!  I am soo sad, but my husband ordered me a replacement on ebay... hope it comes soon and works perfectly!!  So I have had to take a week off from my #Project365 goal this year. But I promise, I will pick right back up when I get my camera again!!  but I did want to share this fantastic picture of chocolate cake that we had when my sisters visited 2 weeks ago!

It has hazelnut coffee in it... melted chocolate chips layered in it, and a most delicious frosting and "ganache"  ooh my word, I am salivating just thinking about it!  The problem is, my sister didn't leave me the recipe!!  ... are you reading this??? in all of our recipe exchanging while you guys were here and NOBODY left me a copy of this chocolate cake recipe!!  so somebody... get on the stick and send it to me! :)

here's my son... sniffing the goodness that was this chocolate cake!!
 My kids totally licked their plates clean... good thing we used decaf coffee! :)  ...and yes that is me in the background just digging into my piece... it was huge, and so rich I couldn't finish it in one sitting!!

So, sisters, please send me the recipe... I might want to make it one of these days! :)


  1. I don't "do" chocolate, but that looks divine.

  2. ME TOO! I want to make that cake!!! It looks A-MAZ-ING. So whenever you get the recipe, send it to me...okie dokie??

  3. how about next week..... <3


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