Monday, August 15

two week break

So my kids go back to school in 10 days... where did the summer go??? The last few weeks have been hectic and crazy and overwhelming, and I have really struggled with being down in the dumps!  I really feel like God has been prompting me to focus on my kids these last few  days before school starts, so I am taking a Two week blogging break... this is also going to include twitter and facebook because they are huge time wasters for me!  Would you pray for me? the temptation is going to be strong!

I have never been one of those people that loved coloring or playing with kids, or doing anything that makes a mess.  I get super sleepy when I read out loud to my kids and I don't have much motivation for walking or exercising.  So I am really not sure what we are going to do to fill our days over the next 2 weeks (although I do need to do some school clothes shopping with the girls... but who wants to do that?)  So to prepare for this 2 week break, I actually scheduled some posts to pop up for all my faithful readers over the next two weeks.  Most of them are re-posts from my old blogging site (Xanga). So please stick with me, feel free to comment and I will try to get back to you after we get into the swing of our school schedule!

I am posting this on Monday, so I did want to count some more of the 1000, the infinite gifts before I started my bloggy break!

1028. little kids in soccer uniforms (especially little girls decked out in pink)

1029. meeting a friend at the park
1030. and meeting a new family that will be at my kids' school this year
1031. peepers/crickets making noise outside my window
1032. bed comforter spinning in the laundromat washing machine ... and dryer 

1033. my parents coming to visit for 2 days

1034. Nanny reading books, books, and more books to her grandkids
1035. stocking up on school supplies
1036. my daughters sharing their princess crown with me :)

1037. needing a sweatshirt in the morning... but still breaking out the flip flops before noon!
1038. the kids using the sprinkler
1039. burgers and hot dogs cooked over an open fire

1040. smores...
1041. the smell of a campfire
1042. the kids camping out ... on the porch
1043. some time off for scrapbooking
1044. fellowship with my friend!
1045. Wendy's chili and baked potato
1046. french toast, sausage, bacon, peaches for Sunday dinner
1047. big bird... hawk??? on my kids playground 

1047. preparing for a two week bloggy/twitter/facebook fast!

I am hoping to keep on counting even during my break!  I will post them when I return!


  1. I hope the break does you & the kids well. I know it sounds cheezy, but it's true, before you know it, they are in the Navy & married...well, mine anyway, ha ha ha. Have a Great end to the summer & I look forward to hearing how it went, will be praying!

  2. Julie, I know the time you spend with the kids will be such a blessing to you! Hope you continue to share those blessings!
    Love you!


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