Tuesday, August 16

You can't disappoint God

just a little re-post from May 17, 2010 (when I used to blog on Xanga)

don't you just love it when God uses your kids to hammer in something He's trying to teach you??!  I had one of those moments recently and it thrilled me beyond belief!

Back story:  In the Spring, I did the study "The Grace Walk Experience" by Steve McVey. it was excellent and I forgot half of what I learned/read, but the other half has been life changing... think I might have to go through it again to get the other half! 

A faulty perception of God is that He is a harsh judge
"Many people picture God sitting in heaven, scrutinizing every act, watching, waiting for them to make a mistake. They picture God with a frown on His face... They see Him as an impatient parent who's ready to spank the child who's getting on his nerves." p. 182

This was hard for me to read, because I am a perfectionist which makes me that kind of impatient parent.  I also see God as that kind of God.

but McVey goes on to say.  "your heavenly Father never condemns you. (Romans 8:1)
When He looks at you, He looks at you with delight. He rejoices over you with shouts of joy (Zephaniah 3:17)

God actually likes you. He is completely accepting and affirming toward you. He adores you just like you are. p. 187

I am often frustrated, disappointed, irritated with my kids, because I am expecting them to do something (or not do something) and they do the opposite!  I want to be a God-filled parent, having His love flowing from me. That my kids will know this grace-filled God because I was a good example (still working on that one)

So h
ere is the story.
Sunday night after church we stopped  by Wendy's for some Jr. Frostys.  Sienna was the only one still in her Sunday best from the morning (her Easter dress, no less)!  However, I gave her the Frosty to eat

... in the car

... on the way home

... without any assistance! 
KNOWING full well, she was going to spill, drip, or even dump her Frosty! 

halfway home, I hear... "uh-oh, I spill, Mommy"  and you know what?!?!?!

I did NOT freak out... not even on the inside!! 
I even smiled a little inside
and immediately, I heard God say...  "See, no condemnation"

"You can't even disappoint God.  Disappointment is the result of an unfulfilled expectation. you expect one thing, but you get something else. You cannot disappoint God because God doesn't expect anything. He already knows everything. He will never say to you, 'I expected something different from you.' He knew. You didn't know, but He knew.

When I say you can't disappoint God, don't think I'm saying it doesn't grieve the heart of your Father when you sin. Of course it does, He hates to see you do things He knows will hurt you. But it didn't surprise Him that you did it. p. 199

I was a little sad...
and I am hoping and praying that the chocolate comes out of her cute blue dress,
but I did not yell one little bit

and for me, that was MAJOR!!!

Now the fact that it took her and her sister OVER AN HOUR to settle down for naps (and I am not even sure they are sleeping) ... that I might yell about, but hey, it's the little steps!! :)

*cute pics are not from the offending frosty occasion, just recent ones of the cutie pie!

*it's been over a year now, the dress is too small of course, but the chocolate did come out! :)
*here's a most recent picture of the cutie pie... I still yell at her, she still forgives me, and occasionally I respond correctly... all in the process, all in the process!!

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