Tuesday, September 27

Chicken farmer

There is just something fun and rewardng about going out in your backyard and finding breakfast!! :)

here is a photo of my most recent dozen collected over the last week!  I love the 2 HUGE brown ones... I'm guessing double yokes.  and I love saying I had green eggs. They have a bluish green tint to them... so fun!!

linking up with My 3 Boybarians for Sweet Shot Tuesday!!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Aww this is so fun!! Do you still have the rooster? Do they lay eggs in the winter and go outside and stuff? -Melissa

  2. Wow...how neat! I bet they taste great too.

    Hope you have a blessed day♥

  3. Congrats! I someday hope to have some green egg laying backyard chickens! :-) They are such fun!

  4. I love this picture! It would make a fun kitchen print or printed on cards. I grew up with chickens and gathering our eggs. I miss fresh eggs so much.

  5. Great shot! The color of the eggs are amazing. Have a great week.

  6. What a fun shot. I love seeing the different sizes/colors of the eggs. ("City") girl here who just get plain old white eggs at the store.
    My 1st time participating in Sweet Shot Tues. I enjoyed seeing your work.

  7. Very cool! Reminded me of the sweet family memories from when my parents had ducks and geese and chickens - talk about a wide variety of intriguing eggs :) Thanks for a lovely visit.

  8. Really cool! Mmm, fresh farm eggs- sounds fabulous. Great photo.


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