Friday, October 28

Five Minute Friday --Relevant

It's Five Minute Friday... and I've got nothing!!  Nothing Relevant, that is! :)  So I decided to look up the definition like that might help me!


Closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand.

pertinent - appropriate

Nope, still got nothing!  I would love to be closely connected with the women at Relevant 11 right now, but instead I need to be closely connected with my kids, who are home from school today (teacher in-service).  I would love to be more relevant in my blogging... Someone once told me (when I was struggling with my blogging)   "Write about what you know instead of about yourself.  If you want to write about yourself keep a diary."

So I know how to give thanks, I know how to make cute cards, I know how to cook/bake, and I know Jesus.  Those are some of the things I blog about, those are the things I will make an effort to keep blogging about, and maybe NEXT YEAR, I can go to Relevant, and learn how to be more "closely connected to the matter at hand".... what ever the matter at hand may be! :)


Lots of Five Minute Friday posts today on "RELEVANT" are written by some of the sweet ladies that are enjoying the conference! Go to The Gypsy Mama to check them out!!


  1. LOL...sounds like you know what the matter at hand really is....
    I mean isn't that why you are home doing what you are doing?
    You are defining what is relevant.

  2. Oh, I know exactly how you feel!! Even the computer doesn't think I am relevant today! Blogger won't let me comment,


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