Tuesday, November 1

giving thanks in pictures...

So, I didn't do so great in the writing off the gifts this past week... In fact, i wrote nothing down!!  Thankful that I took some pictures so I can remember some of the gifts I received.

Bright colored daisies (that I bought myself)

 The sun shining brightly over the gorgeous Pennsylvania mountains

A fun, semi-healthy after school snack... the kids devoured them and kept asking for more!

Making these, very not healthy acorn cookies (I have a whole post with pictures on this one coming)

making little treat bag toppers for said acorn cookies

Then on Saturday, I had a whole day of finding NOTHING to be thankful for... it SNOWED!!!  In OCTOBER, people!!!  Just because I grew up in Buffalo area, does not mean that I like snow!!  But as I look at the pictures that I took, and think back on the day, there is gifts in the remembering!

Safety on the roads to and from ballet with my girls

Finding snow gear to fit every one!!
Kids joy in the snow

My 3 year old just throwing herself down to make a snow angel (picture taken from the window... I did not go outside!)

Sunday morning beauty of  the sun on the snow

chickens that didn't want to come out in the snow, either! :)
 but then they got hungry enough!!  :)

 Winter wonderland!

So, I might still be blogging as a diary, but this is for all my out of town family that likes to be kept up to speed on what's happening around here!!  Hoping to do better at counting this week... not looking too good yet!

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