Monday, October 24

Starting again

Well, I am counting again, writing down, not just recording it on twitter and facebook, but writing them down in ink!  I had an old plain notebook that we jazzed up in our mom's group last year, but I never used it, so I pulled it out for something pretty to have on the counter/table/floor/wherever I am at the moment notebook, so that I will WRITE as things happen!

 my new #1000gifts journal

originally, I was going to write them all in the same pretty pen, but then I knew I would get frustrated when I couldn't find the pen, so it's just gonna be written in whatever pen I can find close by!! :) (maybe even in crayon some days!)

This week was the normal ups and downs of life, but there were some special events thrown in! We made Fall themed cut outs... this was a 2 day event. One afternoon to cut and bake the cookies, and one morning to frost the cookies. I took so many pictures I made collages to share with you!

Day one: rolling dough and cutting shapes!

Day Two: frosting cookies and adding sprinkles

I try not to be a perfectionist, especially on their own cookies, so I set aside 2 trays for me to decorate myself!  By then we were running out of orange and had too much red and brown, so I still had to let "perfect" cookies go! But they still taste great and that's what matters!! :)

We also had a great day on Saturday, participating in and helping out with our church's Fall Fun Day for the community... everything is FREE!, games, hayrides, pony rides, kiddie rides, music, juggler, etc!  So much fun!

Also had a little fun on a windy day with my 3YO

So here are my gifts this week...

starting again in counting gifts, blessings; giving thanks
the moon in the morning sky
winning  battle of the wills with my 3YO
watching my 3 YO cut, glue, color ... with her left hand!! (I am a lefty and proud of it, and she is the first one to show signs of still being a lefty!)
all my kids cleaning their plates at dinner... it seems a rare meal that I can make that EVERYONE likes
reviewing Psalm 106 in depth at Monday night Bible Study... continuous grace!
early morning start in God's Word
taking the kids to the library
attempting a high school soccer game (last home game of the season for our Christian school)
MUD ... even on my kids' school clothes!
church friends buying chips for my kids, because I came so unprepared!
SUNSHINE... always give thanks for sunshine
finally getting 3 eggs in one day... all my hens are laying for sure!
listening to my 6 YO reading... she loves to read
3 YO eating raw green beans ... she hates veggies
enjoying the pin wheel on a windy day with my littlest girl
mini cupcakes
being all alone for an hour or two!
Nathaniel seeing smoke outside/ turning off the breaker to our furnace (black stinky smoke was coming out of the chimney and I panicked. they are coming to look at it tomorrow. in the meantime, I am FREEZING)
kids playing outside... those days are rare now
making fall cutout cookies with the kids
big band music on Pandora
lighting candles
clean bed sheets
chaos of noisy children playing (and fighting) together
frosting cut out cookies with kids
date night/ babysitter!
sharing a latte with Wes
No rain on Fall festival Day... although it was quite chilly
pony rides for the kids
hot spicy chilli
kiddie rides andk iddie games
smiles and laughter
funny tv
The gathering of believers on Sunday
voices raised in praise to God
warm sunshine
taco soup
kids doing chores...

and I will keep counting, won't you join me?  Please leave a blessing or two in the comments so I can rejoice with you!  Or make your own list and link up with Ann Voskamp!


  1. What beautiful memories you are making with your children! I love all the photos.

    joy & blessings,

    I found you over at Ann's blog...I am counting too.

  2. So glad that you are counting again. It is such a great list that you have started. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love your list, nicely done! I love your pictures too. How do you do the collages? Those are wonderful! Found you on A Holy Experience, I am number 136 this week, Accidentally Angela. :)

  4. I love your pictures and your lists too- Ifound you (one of my 1000 gifts) on Dec 3 many years ago <3


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