Friday, October 21

To Infinity and Beyond!


When I saw the prompt for today's Five Minute Friday, I knew immediately that I was going to talk about my sweet 3 Year Old!! After every meal, she stands in her chair (yes, I let her for this brief moment), spreads her arms wide and shouts "Tooo Afinity and Deeeyond" otherwise known as "To infinity and beyond" ... occasionally she looks at me and says "what's the words again?" But always she spreads her arms wide and JUMPS!! :)

Quick notes on this picture... why would anyone put carpet in the dining room???  Not complaining because I LOVE this house God has given us to use for a time, just wondering.  Also... that green thing under the chair? It's called a Kaboost and it is the greatest invention for toddlers/preschoolers ever!!  (we have 2 of them)

anyway, back to my 3YO, I pray that she will always be willing to jump and go beyond ... to dream big and do great things for God and His glory, thinking on what matters for, I mean, eternity!


Will you go "BEYOND" today? and join up with The Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday! or just check out all the other great submissions to BEYOND, today!!


  1. what a great prayer for your baby girl, to always go to infinity and beyond! love this!

  2. i have always wondered about those caboost... I just thought they were gimmick... but to see it being used it makes more sense.


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