Tuesday, October 4

still counting the 1000, the infinite gifts

So while there are so many great bloggers attempting 31Days of blog posts... I'm just gonna take October off... just kidding, but I definitely will not be attempting a blog post every day! However, I did miss my Multitude Monday post and I did say I was going to keep counting, so counting I am!! Here's some gifts from the last week.


a night out with my husband
celebrating God's goodness at his annual work dinner
enjoying an almond latte
stocking the freezer
lightening storms (which are impossible to photograph, but I still tried)

double yoke eggs

Half price day at the Salvation Army
watching my son do a little skit in school chapel
visiting with a friend
making brownies with my 3 YO

eating brownies with all my kids after school
praying with older ladies in my church
making some coffee themed notecards

tea parties with preschoolers
finally getting our other car back... and an affordable fix!!
taking advantage of one of the last warm days... playing at the park after school!
making MORE cards for World Card Making Day!

kids leaf jumping!

soup season... chili, lasagna soup...
Great preaching on Sunday
Installation service of our new lead pastor
Leftover food to take home
dry erase crayons

hubby making me a cappuccino
surviving the dentist
meat for my freezer from a friend!!
getting back to Monday night Bible Study... studying Psalm 106 this fall!

I'm still not doing a great job of writing the gifts down daily, but it is still encouraging to go back through twitter/facebook and my camera photos and see what I am thankful for each week!

Counting with A Holy Experience!

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  1. Love Lasagna soup. That is on the list for me to make soon! Love you!


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