Tuesday, October 18

Women of Influence

Sue ... she has been a mentor to me, a prayer warrior for me. She keeps me real and corrects me when I beat myself up over past mistakes. Her kids are grown (I give her advice on how to be a better mother-in-law) :) She has been through it and encourages me!

Amy ... one of my few college friends that is still local (well, that's a lie... we knew each other in college but really weren't close friends) Our husbands roomed together and when we both ended up back in "collegetown" area, we reconnected and are closer than ever. We worked together for about a year. We had our first kids 6 months apart and we get together often.  She is a true friend in that she recognized that I needed help after baby #4 and she wasn't afraid to confront me about it. I began seeing a counselor thanks to her and she keeps me accountable to keeping my attitude in check.

Jeni ... another "friend I knew in college, but didn't really KNOW her until later in life" We connected at church about 7 years ago. She intimidated me in college so I was nervous when I saw her at church, but NO FEARS... She is AWESOME (and down to earth). She has challenged me in my devotional, prayer life. One of those people that isn't afraid of what people think when she speaks her mind about hte truth of God and God's Word.  She has encouraged me to pray out loud. The devil can't hear our thoughts like he can hear us SPEAK God's power over situations in our lives.  The bible talks time and time again about our VOICES and praying God's power out loud.  I am still working on this... SUPER self-conscious!

Joanna ... the perfect example of a Titus 2 Woman. She goes to my church, although I met her when my husband was in Seminary (she was a faculty wife) and I gleaned much from her teachings in seminary wives meetings. Then we ended up in the same church and I am still gleaning from the wisdom God has given her. She has been married 45 years! and just spoke to our mom's group last week on Philippians 2 and how this applies to our marriages! I also have the privilege of attending her Monday Night Bible Studies... this fall we are studying Psalm 106 and God's Continuous Grace ... oh how I see myself in the Israelites and Moses!

Women in my church growing up... to this day, I still remember attending Wednesday Night Prayer meeting as a young girl/early teen and listening to the older women pray when we broke up into small groups for prayer.  I think churches need to get back to this prayer time with older women praying with younger women (and older men with younger men). I have greatly enjoyed being a part of my current church's prayer group on Sunday night ... once again I am listening to the older women pray (and praying with them)!

Cathy ... another friend that is right there in the thick of it with me. We talk, commiserate, encourage, and help each other out. She does such a great job of encouraging me and being there for me... I only hope that I am doing the same for her!!  She gives even when there is nothing left to give!

My Mom ... not that she was perfect, (after all, I did get my housecleaning skills from her) but the things I remember most about growing up is always finding her on the couch in the morning, reading her Bible and praying.  AND that will do more for my kids than all the other "Stuff" in life!!

and some online influential women...

Ann Voskamp (A Holy Experience)... reading her blog is what challenged me to get back on track in counting my blessings. Her book always said the right things at the right times (finding God in messy stuff, too) Her way with words, her peaceful voice, her encouragement, the reminder that ALL IS GRACE!!  Go read her blog, go buy her book!

Courtney (Women Living Well) ... a godly woman striving to be a Titus 2 Woman online. Her blog greatly encourages and motivates women to living Biblically in their home (and she's real about it, too... she shares her mistakes and failures)

Beth Moore (Living Proof Ministries)  I first did one of her Bible studies 5-6 years ago and they are life changing! She gets into the Word and speaks truth...(and she's funny!!) I can't even begin to tell you what her studies have taught me. and to be reading her blog regularly has been an encouragement when I am not focused on a study. I have been taking part in this year's Siesta Scripture Memory Team and while I will not be able to go to Texas for the Celebration! :(, the verses I am working on are just what I need in my life right now!

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  1. Fun to read Julie! Always thankful for women God uses in our lives.

  2. Wonderful! I like that you have several women on your list, too. :) Beth Moore is one of my favorites. :)

    stopping by from Erin's blog.

  3. LOL Just saw you used to post on Xanga, too. I did back probably around 2004-2005 too :)

  4. It's great that you have so many amazing women in your life. You are truly blessed. My mentors are mostly online now. It sounds like you have a great support system.


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