Wednesday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving, and hope that you find things to be thankful for all year long!

Last year we did a thankful tree for the whole month of November. I actually cut out a tree trunk and taped it on the wall and we used the kids handprints as leaves... but as our giving thanks grew, I got tired of cutting out all the handprints, so we moved to leaves on and around our tree.

This year, I didn't even feel like attempting the tree, so I just cut out lots and lots of leaves, and whenever the kids felt like it, they would write a few things down on leaves and tape them to our sun porch doors. I had my kids write their initials on the leaves so we would know who wrote them. Two of my girls did family trees at school, so we added them to the doors and got our "giving thanks" trees ready made.

It makes me so thankful to see my kids find things to be thankful for...

Here are some zoomed in shots of our thankfulness over the last few weeks!

what are YOU thankful for?

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