Tuesday, November 29

My Jedi

We had a great Thanksgiving, visiting family in Ohio. It was a fantastic week of family time, giving thanks, lots of fun, traditions, and celebrating Christmas a month early because we won't see them next month!  tons of pictures taken and memories made, and #1000gifts written down!

My blog may be on hold this week because I have an opportunity to showcase my cards on Saturday... and I hope to sell a bunch! Which means that I need to put some time and effort into packaging and displaying my wares... anybody have some advice??!?!  Say a prayer for me, that I might be able to sell a bunch, but most of all I will have FUN!! :)

But before I go, I just wanted to share a picture... that became four because I just couldn't get my sweet little Jedi to cooperate all together!!

So just a little entry into Sweet Shot Tuesday...

Sweet Shot Day

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