Friday, December 2

Five Minute Friday --Tired

It's been a few weeks since I participated in Five Minute Friday, and I have missed it.

Wanted to jump back in today, but was a little discouraged with the prompt... TIRED.  I didn't want to be negative, but just can't think of a positive spin on TIRED.  I struggle with my blog sometimes because I never considered myself a writer, And although some days I like what I write, it just never quite measures up to this...

"This week got away from me. Literally. It hiked up it’s skirt and belted outta there before I even realized it was Monday."  
Seriously, that has got to be the best sentence ever... but alas, it's not my words, it's sweet Lisa-Jo.

Sometimes I get tired of reading all the great blogs, with great parenting, marital, friendship advice... even great cooking. or just a flow of words that spins art all around me.  maybe I will never be that, and most days I might be too tired to string a sentence together, much less one that evokes emotions in all of you (my 2 readers) but I will still keep writing when the time is right and some day I might even look back on it and be impressed.

Today, I am just busy in prep for a Shopping Expo that I am participating in... and hoping, and wishing, and praying that I make a profit of this cardmaking hobby of mine... something I do to ease the tired in me!!

and that means that tonight's dinner is an easy dinner! :)



  1. "flow of words that spins art all around me" LOVE THAT!
    I hear you. confession: I often feel the same way. Which is why it took me soooo long to even start a blog!
    I'm looking forward to that moment where I look back and feel proud of how I've written words for Him. I'm certain you will have the same experience :)
    Trusting your expo is a smashing success!
    Keep striving,

  2. Julie,

    I just want to show some serious LOVE for your blog. I read every one & absolutely adore your transparency and the way that you write from the heart. We all struggle at one point or another & knowing we are not alone in it all means ALOT! I hope all is well :)
    Much love,

  3. I lost my week too. I like how Ziggy put it, "I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days gang up on me all at once."

  4. I am all for "easy dinners"! It was pizza night here. Love your adorable picture. :)


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