Tuesday, November 8

Top Ten wildlife

A bunch of photos for Top Ten Tuesday... This post has been a year in the making, but I finally took the time to gather my photos and share some of the wildlife we enjoy out here in the country!! I am always amazed when I see more of God's great creation... I get excited every time, even when it's the more common animals!!

1. Black Bear ... seriously, we saw this bear the same weekend we moved into the house... a little scary, but I was in awe. And I continue to be amazed each time I see a little bit of wildlife here on the property where we are living!

2. Coyote ... I thought this was cool at first, and it is pretty far away (my camera has 12x zoom) but now that I have chickens, I don't like it soo much! they better leave us alone this winter.  Last winter the local farmers hunted on the property around us and killed around 12 of them!!

3. Geese ... this one struck me as odd, although there is a reservoir somewhere on the property. This is the one that made me think... I am SURE I have seen 10 different animals in my backyard and surely I can make a Top Ten Post out of this (way back in the Spring and I am finally working on it)

4. Turkey ... LOTS and lots of turkey around here, but this one was my favorite. He just splayed all out for us to see him in all his glory!! So beautiful. other than that we just see lots of plain old wild turkey!

 5. Deer ...I love seeing the deer. they are so peaceful and quiet!  and the more I see the deer, the more I know the coyote are few and far between.

6. Eagle ... this was most awesome for me... totally a GOD thing! I loved that He brought me an eagle AND I was able to photograph it!

7. Eastern Bluebird  This bird is soo bright and even more beautiful when flying!!

8. Rabbit one of the more common animals, but still puts a smile on my face!! :)

9. Groundhog -- Not really one of the favorites around here... in fact, my sweet hubby has eliminated one or two of them from the property!

10. Robins, Hawks, Cardinals... and lots and lots of black birds/crows  I just love country living!!  :)

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  1. Ah, to live in the country. We live in a small town and see a little wildlife, but this is something else. Great job documenting with photos too!


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