Monday, November 7

remembering and recounting gifts

Multitudes on Mondays ... It's always good for me! because even if I don't write any thing down all week about what I am thankful for, listing the gifts God has given to me all week, I take the time on Monday to remember and recount just a few of the 1000gifts He showers me with! 

So here continues the counting...

Soup in crockpot
Breadmaker working while we are off to church
grocery shopping... so many choices!
baking pumpkin pies

hand me downs for my little girls
sweet cuddling in the middle of the night with my 3YO
praying for my friend who's little one had pneumonia
having a committed, involved husband to help in the parenting of our kids!
an afternoon of quiet on my sun porch
Hearing the gospel presented CLEARLY at our church Ladies Tea!
just a wonderful evening of fellowship with friends

the testimony of Julie Henning (Pearl S. Buck's adopted daughter)
visiting my kid's school chapel...
both kids made the Principal's list first quarter!
my Mom coming to visit!
our pastor's enthusiasm and desire for revival in our church
prayer meeting
each new day
God's Grace
the ability to bless others
fun at the park on a gorgeous November day

Chinese take out
gratitude for our home... not taking it for granted!
a finished basement for the kids to go crazy in!
making Christmas gift tags for my mom

sunny country drive on a Saturday morning
$1 pumpkins
delicious apples

carving pumpkins ...a week late! :)

pumpkin seeds and innards
kids creativity
kids losing interest in carving fast
kids loving daddy and mommy's work on their pumpkins

Ps 34:1 "I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth." 
Wes working hard to "winterize" the chicken coop
music for the soul
thinking on the book of James
Sweet hubby folding laundry last night, 
snuggling with Sienna this morning, 
bright sunshine, great forecast

always remembering, always realizing He gives me so much more than I deserve!

Giving thanks to the Giver of all gifts!!

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  1. way to go girl- I mentally post while walking- my notebook is still empty, but my heart is filled with praise and thanksgiving. did you find your squash yet inthe fridge- any green eggs?? LOL


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