Saturday, December 31

Five Minute Friday --Open

It's been very quiet here at the blog this month... December seems to be my slow month (or actually busy in real life)!  I have great intentions of improving my blog in 2012... but I had great intentions of becoming a better photographer in 2011 and I am not sure that happened. But it is New Year's Eve and I have great intentions of submitting one more FiveMinuteFriday... because my blog would be even quieter without Five Minute Friday!!  So although it's Saturday, here is my Five minutes on Open

It's the dawn of a new year... time for introspection and all that crap...  So thankful that His mercies are new EVERY Morning and that I don't have to wait for January 1 to start a new.  That being said, I will be starting fresh tomorrow morning, just like every morning. and in January 2012, I WILL BE

Open to GRACE
open to saying Yes to my kids
Open to trying new things
Open to praying for my spouse... wanna join me?
Open to giving of my time
open to new recipes
Open to grand new ideas on Pinterest

Open to receiving... and giving more comments on blogs
Open to days... or weeks of no blogging because I just might be open to spending more time with my kids and hubby!

So there's my five minutes... might have been a better five minutes if I wasn't busy catching up on a Psych episode on Hulu! :)

Although it's not Friday, be sure to visit The Gypsy Mama for more great entries in Five Minute Friday this week!

Here's to a new year!  Happy New Year and may God be glorified.

*photos taken on our almost 2 hour hike on Christmas Day

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  1. I love this list! Especially the part about being open to no blogging for days or weeks to spend time with family. I did that a couple times last year and it really did me good! Here's to a great year!


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