Monday, January 2

Some December thanks

It's been a while since I blogged a Multitude Monday post... not that there hasn't been a multitude of gifts, just not much time for editing and uploading pictures, typing out blog posts and making it look good.  Even now, I am not sure this is the best use of my time, but I want to keep counting and sharing my gifts with you!

I find it easiest to remember when I take pictures, but sometimes the pictures are blurry... still I want to give thanks for December, for Advent, for remembering Jesus' birth and coming to earth...

for traditions
Christmas lights
Christmas cookies (for breakfast, snacks and dessert)
family time
decorating the tree
babies (only one in particular, my nephew)
For monkey bread made in bread pans
For Christmas concerts and Christmas pageants
for animated little girls
little big boys with lots of memorized lines
Christmas parties
abundance of food
for slowing down

For family walks... long ones!
For God's creation
walking sticks
pricker bushes
trees, hills, puddles
warm wool hats
mittens and gloves

Pictures for memories
abundance of life and blessings with family
GOOD pizza from Western New York (and REALLY GOOD wings!)
my kids with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins
card games and board games

For a Keurig ... it's silly how much fun it is to have a cup of coffee when it's this easy... and no leftovers!
for jewelry boxes for my girls to decorate
nerf gun for my son (that my hubby likes to use)
books that my 6YO reads over and over
new clothes
craft/cardmaking supplies
for gifts

for my chickens surviving us being gone for 3 days
for freshly washed chicken eggs
for homemade eggnog... with backyard eggs

for a 2000 piece puzzle... that still isn't done 4 days later and is really cramping our meal time :)
finding just the piece I'm looking for
my kids helping to sort pieces and finding the missing edges

for fancy chocolate
for parking places
stressing over "perfect" events
letting perfect go
striving for GRACE... giving grace, receiving God's grace daily
getting bills paid on time
for counting again...

I would love to hear... what gifts did God give you recently? What are you thankful for?


  1. My personal favorite...chocolate:-)

  2. remembering sorrows and joys
    am reading I will carry you by Angie Smith with tissues ...


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