Tuesday, December 20

unintentional blogging break

Well, it has been over a week since I blogged... I even missed Five Minute Friday, which makes me sad!  Not exactly a way to build rapport as a blogger, or keep people coming back.  So I went back to last December to see if I could find a "repost from the archives" that all the other great bloggers use, and I discovered that I had blogged a total of FOUR times last December... apparently I have a habit of not-blogging in December.

So I was just going to take a blogging break until after Christmas... but there are so many great TopTenTues posts showing up on my twitter stream that I just felt the urge to attempt something...even if it's not great. Must keep my brain working...

Top Ten {Tuesday}

 problem is, I'm coming up blank... must go google! :)  I was thinking the Top 10 posts of 2011... but most everyone waits until January for that post. or I could do Top 10 pictures of ...something, but I think I do that a lot and that would mean editing some pictures! :)  So here is what Google gave me that I think I can work with....

what I spend money on...

okay, just warning you now... this could be scary!!  in no particular order...

1. giving to my church

2. clothes ... mostly for my kids. Why do they keep growing??! :)

3. Food and Groceries (I do have 4 growing kids)

4. Coffee (did I mention I have kids?)

5. Arts and Crafts supplies... mostly for cardmaking, but also most recently for my kids and our Advent project.

6. paying bills... we kinda like having electricity and heat ... and Netflix!

7. gifts... mostly for Christmas right now, but kid's birthday parties are a big $ sucker

8. Karate lessons and Ballet lessons for the kids

9. Gas for our van/car... we live 20 minutes from town and with school, ballet, work, church, etc... we are in town every day!!

10.  ... and coffee

what do you spend your money on??!?!

PS: my new year's resolution (I'm planning ahead) is to JOIN PINTEREST... that should give me lots of great ideas for blogging and Top Ten Tuesday... even if all I am doing is sharing everybody else's great ideas... anybody wanna send me an invite?

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  1. I love this post! and I'll shoot you a Pinterest invite :)


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