Sunday, December 11

12 Days til Christmas...

So we are still progressing in our Advent project this month, although I have discovered that it is very difficult to do the craft 4 times over with my kids and I tend to get frustrated! I definitely can not take pictures of the process, so most of my pictures are just the end result!  As I was reviewing the fantastic book, Truth in the Tinsel, just to get a burst of inspiration to keep going even when I get frustrated, I discovered that I was making it harder on myself by trying to read the scripture and work on the craft at the same time... duh, I know! So I am hoping that this week goes smoother as we focus on the passage before we ever touch the craft!

Before I share our progress and the cute adorable crafts my kids are making, I wanted to let you know that it's NOT TOO LATE to join in!!

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Here is some of our fun!

Day 7: Mary's Song: We only did one of these... I'm afraid to part with my CD's even the ones I never listen to.

I also wish that I had seen some of the adjustments that others did with this ornament because the marbles are HEAVY... but I do like the way it turned out... once I let it dry!

And this picture reflects why doing crafts is so hard for me... I don't have enough patience to let it dry! :)

Day 8: The Rising Sun: this is another one of my favorite ornaments... so much so that we made extra for the nursing home Christmas caroling the kids do with AWANA (they give handmade gifts to the residents).

I even took it a step further and printed out the verses for the back of the ornament as a reminder!!

Day 9: once again the clothespin ornament... this time Joseph! It went better than the Mary ornament, but still not one of my favorites.

Day 10: Joseph's Dream: not too great on the pillows, I confess, I did most of the work myself, the kids just stuffed the cotton balls in! :)

 My favorite part of this Advent "experience" is listening to my kids read the Scripture and fumble over big words... but in the end, I know they are getting it!

This has not been easy for me... it takes me out of my comfort zone.  I have not been a crafty mom, and maybe I could skip that step, but I know the kids look forward to it... except when I get uptight over it.  I am just praying that the crafts will serve as a reminder to my kids of the truth of the gospel and Jesus coming to earth... for us, for you, for them, for me!!

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  1. I, too, am not very crafty, and lack patience. :) but my girls are loving it!! (and I did the whole thing for the pillows, tooha! )

    Thanks for linking up to Manger Mondays again!!

  2. Awesome (and I'm not so hot with those crafts either)! The great part is how much the kids are having fun and really learning the story of Christmas!


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