Friday, January 13

Five Minute Friday --Awake

It's another Friday, another chance for Five Minute Friday, a chance for me to work on my writing skills... in Five Minutes Flat.

I always have a hard time with the "no editing" part, and sometimes I have a hard time even filling five minutes, while other times five minutes is not enough! But it's still always fun ... you should give it a try!!

This week, the prompt is AWAKE

I'm not a fan of cold and snow and winter... which is kinda funny because I grew up near Buffalo, NY... or maybe it's because I grew up there.  So I have to say, I haven't been too upset with the winter we are having. One freak snowstorm in October, one NASTY icy storm on a Wednesday night in December, and that's been IT!  Isn't Winter almost half over... okay, not really but I can dream!  I've been feeding the chickens in a sweatshirt, no coat required!

The forecast for today was a little iffy, there was a chance of snow and I was ALMOST looking for it. but not quite!  So when I woke up this morning to rain I was okay with that.  Our normal getting ready for school routine went better than usual, so much so that I had time to put the girls hair in pigtails! and they were ready to go 15 minutes before leave for school time.

and then it came...  white puffy flakes floating through the sky and little children shouting with excitement, "It's SNOWING!"  and everything became sparkly white and the kid in me AWOKE just a little bit at the excitement of my kids over snow!

AWAKE! Winter might finally be here!  Here's to a weekend of playing in the snow... maybe!



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Sweet Blessings. Nice to "meet" you! :)

    I am so not a fan of snow! Yet I live in the Midwest where we get plenty of it this time of year. It looks pretty and it is really beautiful the week of Christmas, but that's it. Lol. Come January 1, I was spring. ;)

  2. We rarely see snow here in the deep south. I know you and the girls will have the best time! Throw a snowball for me!

  3. After a mild winter as well, we just received snow this week too. I also am not a fan of winter, but I relate to being excited with the kids about some snow finally. :)

  4. So excited for winter to have arrived!! Hoping it actually sticks around this time. :)


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