Thursday, January 12

Chocolate and what feels right

It's no secret here on my blog that I am a big fan of chocolate... even more so, Dark Chocolate, and my favorites... Dove Dark Chocolates... feel free to send me some anytime! :)

For my birthday (well over a month ago, now) a friend of mine blessed me with a bag of raspberry and dark chocolate swirl... mmmm, delicious!  I've been working my way through the bag, slowly!!

Then, I opened one to find this crazy message inside...

and it really got me to thinking... How often do we take stock in the messages inside of chocolate, fortune cookies, the sides of Starbucks cups?  Are they just cute little sayings, or do we let them impact our thoughts and philosophies? 

Do what feels right.

Seriously?  If I based my doing on my feelings, I would be in a whole heap of trouble... what feels right?  eating lots of junk food, sleeping in till 10:00, staying up till midnight, watching too much tv, letting my kids watch too much tv so I can do my own thing without interruption, skipping church just this once, gossiping, being lazy, spending money... the list goes on and on!

Feelings cause me to react wrongly, feelings just confuse me, because feelings, they change!!

Now believe me, I am NOT telling you to give up on chocolate or Starbucks, heavens, NO!!  But I am asking you to think carefully about what you read, and be sure to counteract it with the TRUTH!  and by the way, Dove? I will NOT be doing what feels right... except for maybe eating another piece of your delicious chocolate!

joining up with Thought Provoking Thursday with Some Girl.

two questions for you... what feels right to you?  what's one of your favorite quotes?

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  1. I am another chocolate lover. Even while on a diet I discover those small bits of chocolate seem to melt the fat away! Probably my imagination but the thought is good anyway. I find God's word sweet to me, even in the old testament where I am starting over again. His grace for those in rebellion is something that I need to find in my own thoughts.


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