Friday, January 27

Five Minute Friday --Tender


I have a five year old... the middle of the girls, number 3 in a line of 4 kids... and she is tender. Sometimes I forget it because she can be a bully and she is not fragile, but she is tender... She needs love, attention, and TOUCH, oh does she need a tender touch. I see myself in her so much it's scary, and I want things to be different for her. I want her to be strong, but with meekness. I pray that she will do and be great things for God.

She needs Jesus... it shows itself often. and I see even now how He is pursuing her and it cheers my heart through the tears. It became real to me this week as I received a reminder and encouragement that I am not the one who saves her, I can't change her heart... But I can live out the gospel to her, point her in the right direction, pray for her and love her JUST AS SHE IS... tender, but fighting it.

Thank you, Jesus for pursuing her tenderly, and in it, pursuing me!


It's Five Minute Friday... won't you join us?


  1. Oh, may God use her tender heart to reach the many who are hurting!

  2. I love how your heart was tender toward your girl,Julie Anne, I could relate to seeing how God pursues our girl's heart and mine in beautiful. Hopping over from FMF.


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