Monday, January 9

Joy Dare ~week 1

One Thousand Gifts in 2012

Funny, or not so funny, but as I sit down to write this post, I am in a FOUL mood, and I just don't know how to shake it!  Here's hoping it will be much improved by the time I get to the end of this post.

So, on twitter, I started this #365thanks challenge, giving thanks every day in 2012... and now I am combining it with Ann Voskamp's #1KgiftsDare... so if I stick with it and actually record it, I will add another 1000gifts to my list of infinite gifts from God.  Following her Joy Dare Calendar found on this post here, I will be counting 3 gifts a day!

January 1:
1. for salvation
2. for the ability to hear, see, smell
3. for creative ideas

January 2:
4. mostly sunny skies outside
5. lazy pajama day inside
6. backyard eggs on my plate

January 3:
7. the Spirit continually reassures me, "You’re growing, because I’m at work."
8. let us then with confidence draw near to the Throne of Grace!
9. my mom commenting on my blog

January 4:
10. old fashioned Christmas decoration from my mom (purchased at the thrift store)
11. my Keurig... thinking it's time for another cup of coffee
12. beautiful blue table runner from my mom-in-law

January 5:
13. reading Grace Based Parenting
14. making coffee
15. seeing clean piles of laundry

January 6:
16. my Kindle in my bag
17. leftovers in the fridge (to stretch the grocery budget)
18. joy that comes from hearing my kids laugh with their Daddy!

January 7:
19. pancakes made by Wes, today and every Saturday!
20. family time at local basketball game
21. conversations with friends

January 8:
22. lantern lights turning on w/ timer just when I was looking for some light
23. reflections of lights in our big bay window
24. shadow of my little girl on the wall

Not much in the photo department on this post, maybe more next week!  to make a long story short, I am still in a foul mood and it's a new day. totally lost my finished post last night around 10:00 and had to start over again this morning...  thankful for the sunshine today!!

Struggling a little bit today emotionally... say a prayer for me?
Praying that the counting of the gifts restores the joy, contentment I so desperately long for!


  1. Visiting from Ann's today. I just restarted counting my gifts today. I had to stop and think about last week. But going forward, I may use the layout us used in your post, based off Ann's January prompts. Will help to keep me focused! Be blessed!

  2. visiting from ann's blog too!!
    love your lists..i will be doing mine today too!!1

  3. I found your link on Twitter (I'm fylliska there), and I just prayed for you, too!

  4. Love you list. You will be so blessed by counting. Thanks for sharing


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