Friday, January 20

My Dream

Do you have a dream? Will you share it with me?

I have a dream...

that someday, just maybe, my hobby of card-making will possibly turn into a profit.

That others will find beauty in my creations and want to send them to their friends and family.

That I would actually send out some of the cards that I make and be a blessing to others.

That just maybe I could pursue my artistic passions and support my habit of purchasing paper crafting supplies because somebody, maybe even you, would help me create a website store front that would be eye-catching and people (maybe even you) would purchase some of my creations and spread the word of my would-be home business.

My dream is to be a paper crafter, artisan, small business woman...

What is your dream?

This photo was taken as a part of Project 52, on auto focus (because I'm a paper crafter, not a professional photographer) and edited in Picasa.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


  1. All the best to you in pursuing your dream! Your cards are beautiful. My dream and goal for this year is to have a successful business selling handmade accessories for you and your home and also to sell quilt patterns and meal planning ebooks.

  2. What a fantastic dream! It looks like you are well on your way. Those cards are so beautiful. I am not really a card person, but with cards like that I might become one. ;)


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