Sunday, January 29

Project 52 --self portrait

I took a lot of pictures of my self this week and I felt kinda dumb doing it and I didn't like any of them! I mostly tried it thru a mirror. One of my better pictures was taken BEFORE I cleaned the mirror...oops!

I should have tried some with the timer but that involves moving quickly to get in place. If I was a real photographer I would have a remote.

I also thought that I should take a picture of my self with my one of my kids so that you all would look at their cuteness instead of plain old me.

I also did my hair and makeup almost every day this week, just in case the opportunity for a self portrait presented itself.

So now it's Saturday and I must look at all those pictures and find one I like and make it look better and add it to this post, but my todo list is pretty long, so who knows... It might be Sunday before I link up!

and now it's Sunday... and I finally sat down to play with the pictures I took this week (in Picasa).  Here's what I came up with...

okay, I totally edited them to death... anybody wonder what they looked like before they hit Picasa?!?!    ....too bad! :)

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

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  1. Aww... I think they came out cute! I totally follow your thinking though. Not really liking taking pictures of myself! Trying to embrace it though! Trying...


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