Wednesday, January 4

Storing Christmas Lights

So I know most of you have already packed away all of your Christmas decorations, taken down the trees, wadded up the Christmas lights in hopes that next year they will all still work... but in case you have kept your tree up for the Season of Epiphany, have I got a trick for you. I am pretty sure that I found this idea on the Internet, after all, there is nothing new under the sun. But in case you haven't seen it, I want to share it with you!

Here is an easy way to store your Christmas lights, guaranteeing that they won't be all tangled when you take them out next year!  I really should have vlogged this, but I am not confident enough for that yet, so hopefully you can follow my steps via photo!!

Start at the short end and fold the lights back and forth accordion style. I hope you can see how it's done by the next two pictures.

It really gets difficult when you are wrapping a 100 light strand. My hand doesn't hold it too well, but it still works!  

When you reach the end of the lights, take the end of the strand and wrap it around the stack.

Pull the cord tight and wrap it around until you can reach the opposite plug, snugly. so it may go around 2-3 times.

Then plug them into them self and you have nice neat Christmas light storage.

and here are my Christmas lights all ready for storage and all ready to be pulled out next year... although one strand already has a loose cord or bulb somewhere and was flickering occasionally! :(

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So if you haven't taken your tree down, and you plan to try this method, let me know! and if you have already stored your Christmas lights, let me know your method, or if you don't have a good one, go pull them out right now and fix them nice and neat! You will thank me next December! :)

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