Thursday, February 2

Following through

So, I love Pinterest!  No surprise there! It's perfect for organizing all sort of great ideas...  I am also not a very organized person... I used to be, before I had kids.  But I am working on it, in bits and pieces.  I had a friend help me organize my craft room about a year ago... and I LOVED it! But I got lazy and it's a mess again. This week on The CSI Project the theme is Organization and I was pretty sure I had NOTHING to contribute to that.  I was going to share my said craft room, but felt that it would be deceiving to post pictures from a year ago, but it's still a great organizing tip, so this post is THREE FOLD.

TIP ONE ... boxes are great for organizing... clear boxes are even better.

So here is a picture of my craft room shelves, when it was organized, as an incentive for me to re-organize it before my dear friend comes to craft with me in 2 1/2 weeks (we have a play date planned for our kids ...and a crafty play date for us)

TIP TWO ... over the door shoe organizers

I found this handy idea on Pinterest just last week... then one day before school this week was a little stressed because at least one child couldn't find gloves, or a hat, or both. And they have outside recess, so it's a good idea to have those things on hand.

So on my next trip to Target, I immediately picked up one of these and came home and rallied up all the hats, scarfs, and gloves and hung this in our mudroom/laundry room!!  I was so excited!  6 rows, one for each family member with the littlest kids on the bottom for easy reach! (PS... my husband was thrilled, too!!)

Pinterest... For the Win

TIP THREE ... Implement it!!

If you see a great idea for organization, don't just pin it, or file it away for later! Implement it!!  My challenge to you is to implement one great idea this week... then come back and tell me what you did!  I want to know!



  1. I loooooove the shoe organizer thing! That is genius!

    Thanks to linking up to the first-ever #PinFTW. I hope you'll join us next week!

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. I am DOING the shoe organizer thing next winter!! Geeeenius! Thanks so much for linking up!!! Hope to see you back next Wednesday on #PinFTW!


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