Wednesday, February 1

taking a day off works for me!

Taking a day off the computer sometimes makes it so hard to come back. I really want to live my life in balance, but my computer keeps drawing me in, even when I have a million "in-real life" things to be doing. Tuesday was a fantastic day, and while I only got 9 of the 10 things done, I accomplished so much more!! So I just wanted to give a quick accountability review!

Here's my list... with edits.

1. Read my Bible for more than a five minute regroup.   {We are studying Matthew 7 in church on Sunday, so I read the whole Sermon on the Mount and reviewed some parts twice.}

2. Fold the 3 loads of laundry in my living room. 
{Done in the morning and put away before I went to bed}

3. Read to my kids (not a fan of reading out loud). 
{Read the Jesus Storybook Bible to the kids before bed... I would like to go through it again with a story or two each night}

4. Make cookies...with my kids. 
{We made sugar cookies (from a mix) and frosted them with canned frosting... and we had fun doing it!!}

5. Wash the dishes. At least once, maybe twice.  
{sometimes my dishwasher is more trouble than it's worth ...hooking it up to the sink, dealing with leaks, dishes not always being clean... so I did do dishes twice on Tuesday :( and didn't really like it.}

6. Read a chapter or more from one of the books on my 2012 reading list
{I read some of Grace Based Parenting and some of 31 Days to Build a Better Spouse}

7. Light a candle. 
{I lit my Caribbean Escape scented candle... a girl can dream, right?}

8. Make sure all my kids get bathed.
{I bathed the 2 little ones in the morning, hubby helped make sure the 2 older ones got showered in the evening}

9. Spend some time in my craft room.
{This just did not happen... my creativity brain cells are starting to wither}

10. Snuggle with my husband (instead of my laptop) on the couch after the kids go to bed.

I also accomplished lots of other things....

talked with a friend
did preschool workbooks with my preschooler (another major success for me)
made lunch
checked my email (on my ipod touch)
(also wasted some time playing Angry Birds...)
iced my back
enjoyed my sun porch... gorgeous day!
spent a half hour at the park with the kids after school
made dinner
helped them with homework
worked on our Awana books
AND went to bed before 10 pm!!

Taking an impromptu computer fast of one day worked for me!!
linking up to We are THAT Family's Works for Me Wednesday...

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