Tuesday, February 21

Ice Festival tradition

I don't know about you, but I expect traditions to go perfectly... if it's a tradition it must be a happy memory, right? But then if I think it should be perfect, chances are it won't and I'll get mad, miscommunications will happen, and I will probably cry... the good news is that even though I was exhausted at the end of the day, we had a great time and to look at the pictures you would never know we started out rough!! :) Our local town has an ice festival every February and we have been going for the last four years!! so here's 10 pictures of the day for Top Ten Tuesday!
Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

1. We always start the day at Krispy Kreme for breakfast...

2. although it wasn't super cold, the kids were "freezing" before we even started! :)

3. We rounded the first corner... and almost ran into Frosty... literally! :)

4. my little ballerinas with the ice skater (it was a London/Olympics theme this year)

5. Our annual family photo... this year with Big Ben (the ice sculpture sponsored by my husband's place of employment!)

6. another great photo opportunity on the medals podium... my son was none too happy about not being on top!

7. Ella saw this sculpture of Michael Jordan and immediately tried to copy the pose... maybe I have a future basketball star in my mix?!

8. Buckingham Palace...

9. catching a Live ice carving of a bobsled!

10. at this point, we were all pretty tired, but we made one more stop which is more a festival for kids (and it's indoors). They had Walking Tacos, which were awesome and the kids all got their faces painted!!

We do this every year and it isn't always perfect, but my kids talk about it ALL YEAR LONG... so I know the happy memories outweigh the rough patches!! :)

PS... I am also linking up to Sweet Shot Tuesday because my kids are so sweet... and I can't choose my favorite! :)

Sweet Shot Day


  1. I'm the opposite of you. Since I never expect things to go smoothly, I'm always pleasantly surprised when they do. Lol. ;)
    It looks like a wonderful day.
    Living in Phoenix, I'd nearly forgotten that it's still winter and really cold in a lot of places. I wish we had ice festivals to go to - looks like fun!

  2. What a fun activity to do as a family. And great memories are made even if there are some rough spots!


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