Monday, February 20

Joy Dare ~week 7

I am so excited that I am still going strong with the Joy Dare Calendar... it's soo much fun and I love that my son checks the paper everyday too!!  Here's my list from last week!!

February 13
140. Gift behind a nesting box door.

141. Gifts behind a freezer door, a pantry door, a fridge door... well-stocked with food to meet the needs of my family
142. Gift behind the oven door... fresh brownies cut out into hearts for after-school snack!
Celebrating Valentines all week. After school snack. #fb on Twitpic

February 14
143. Grace, Amazing Grace;
144. unconditional love shown thru Wesley
145. life filled with loving family!
146. The whole book of 1 John!

February 15
147. LOSING clutter in the "junk" drawer
148. FINDING bathroom sink under all the toothpaste spit
149. MAKING pinwheels for cardmaking

February 16
150. Listening to my kids look for shadows
151. The shadow of my coffee stream from the Keurig
152. My son finding a turtle shadow on his field trip to aquarium
153. Bonus shadow next day... Little girl coloring on sun porch
My hardworking lefty  enjoying the sun porch. #fb on Twitpic

February 17
154. watching the fog roll in while feeding the chickens

155. Working with my girls to make pizza dinner
156. Folding laundry for my family... So thankful for abundance
157. Giving (and receiving) hugs from my kids and husband

February 18
158. Festival of Ice maps
159. Recipe cards
160. Making baby shower gifts with paper

161. Using the February Joy Dare calendar

February 19
162. running to Krispy Kreme with my son for Dark Chocolate Donuts
163. taking lots of cold meds
164. sun all day

always counting... and giving thanks that my kids have started counting with me!!

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  1. The picture of the brownies made me smile. I can relate to your being happy you are still counting gifts. I am not consistent at it but I do most days. It's the simplest ones (like the heart-shaped brownies) that mean the most..I think.It's wonderful your son has joined in too.


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