Monday, February 27

Joy Dare ~week 8

February 20
165. a fresh jar of Nutella
166. lunch with a friend
167. homemade bread for dinner

February 21
168. tissues, tissues, tissues
169. white cheddar popcorn... so yummy
170. using my hubby's MacBook for blogging

February 22
171. free dinner of pizza for the family!!
172. an addiction to Downton Abbey :)
173. Dark Chocolate Kreme filled doughnut from a friend

February 23
174. canned goods,  great for quick meals
175. candle jars
176. fresh wood chips in the chicken coop

February 24
177. 2 hour delay for the kids
178. time to make french toast for breakfast
179. an apology for an outburst

February 25
180. a dying dishwasher, not quite cleaning all the dishes
181. a long nap
182. friendship bread that didn't turn out quite perfect

February 26
183. reflections on James 1 "Hear the Word, Do the Word!"
184. sparkly glitter craft reflected in car window
185. sun shine reflecting everywhere!

not much in photos this week, but still counting!

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