Friday, February 24

Project 52 --Cabin Fever

So, this has pretty much been the most mild winter I can ever remember... so far!! I know it could change in the next month. But still, any time it snows, it melts within 24 hours and that's just not normal! That being said... I am NOT complaining! This girl loves the sun, is not a fan of the cold, and enjoys ONE good snowfall a year.

This week's theme for Project 52 is Cabin Fever. We haven't really had much opportunity for cabin fever around here. The kids have been outside a lot more than usual and without all the snow pants and boots and paraphernalia! So I am counting my blessings for lots of blue skies and sunshine around these parts...

ps.  I took this picture yesterday afternoon... today it's gray, cold, and rainy!

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  1. We are having quite a mild winter here in Memphis, TN. Last year we seemed to get an unusual amount of snow... I'm starting to wonder if there's even such a thing as "normal weather" around here! :)


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