Monday, March 12

Graces and gifts

continuing the Joy Dare...

March 5 (gifts found)
210. Big brother helping little sister find her blanket! Little sister declaring "you're my hero"
211. Finding sunshine, peace and quiet on the sunporch!
212. Finding enjoyment in my kids help in the kitchen... A little bit

March 6 (bent, broken, beautiful)
213. Bent line of geese flying north

214. Broken bacon bits for dinner (recipe to come)

215. Beautiful moment of togetherness of my little girls

March 7 (in kitchen)
216. Bright red strawberries (and the kids that couldn't get enough of them)
217. Keurig coffee with yummy creamer
218. Not crying (or yelling) over spilt milk
219. lunches pre-made for tomorrow morning

March 8 (loud)
220. morning rush at Starbucks

221. kids playing "ninja" together (they can be so fun sometimes!)

222. wind/rain storm before bed

March 9 (carved)
223. Carving out time to write
224. brave girl climbing (un)carved tree ... on Saturday!

March 10 (gifts in Jesus)
225. redeemed
226. adopted
227. forgiven
228. joint heirs

March 11 (gifts read)
229. Psalm 141:3-4
230. book of poetry

231. perusing Five Minute Friday posts!

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  1. Awww..... little sister declaring brother her hero ..... I LOVE IT! Lovely list this week and I especially like the pic of the kids playing 'ninja'. Have a great week.....eucharisteo!


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