Tuesday, March 13

On writing, poetry, and friends

My Top Ten Tuesday is a little different this week, but making a list really helped me organize my thoughts!  I hope you enjoy... and check out the giveaway at the end!  EDIT: giveaway over... winner listed at the end!

1. I've been writing a lot this week... part of Better Writer challenges hosted by the Allume blog.  It's got me thinking. I never considered myself a writer.  But I always admired writers.

2. I don't know many (if any) published people in real life. But I finally have ONE! :)  Her name is Danica ... pronounced Duh- KNEE- Kah (NOT like the race car driver). She's a writer and I know she has a few "works in progress."  TODAY, though she has a book of poetry releasing.  I'm proud of her for pursuing her dream and not giving up. I know it was a process for her.

3. It's called "To Everything a Season" and it is broken up into sections according to the seasons.  It also includes a section of short, short stories (her thoughts that don't rhyme) and some dialogs created from Bible scenes... lots of fun!

4. Spring was delightful... I read through the entire section in one sitting. I loved the poems she wrote for her children (maybe even more so because I know them). Winter was a little dark... but then isn't that the way it is.

5. My favorite was "Creativity" on pg. 33 (in Summer). It really spoke to me and my desire to create beautiful handmade notecards... and on this journey of becoming a writer... even if it's just a blog writer!

"Your potential is endless, and your boundaries are none.
So escape from your little box; your freedom has come."

6. I also really enjoyed "Gifted" on pg. 42. This one really applied to writing.  I am so glad Danica is living out her dream through this book.

"reach for your gift, live out your dream..."

7. While she is waiting for her fiction dreams to take flight, she helps support her growing family by freelance copywriting. You can check our her website... here!  she's also on twitter, occasionally!

9. Where can you buy the book???  Amazon  or anywhere fine books are sold... :)

10. The Giveaway... I have a copy for YOU (well, one of you anyway).  and it's signed by the author, herself!!  Please leave a comment telling me what your favorite season is and let me know if you ever write poetry.  Giveaway is open until Friday night at midnight! I will pick a winner, Saturday, March 17.

EDIT: Tammy, your name was picked as winner of the giveaway! Contact me with your mailing address, please!!

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

disclaimer: I was given 2 copies of this book. One to read & review and one to giveaway. Opinions are my own.


  1. This was a fun read. Thanks for the positive feedback!

  2. My favorite season is summer! I can not wait for it to get here!! :)

  3. My favorite season is fall. I love the cool weather and the beautiful colors. I especially loved it when I drove through the hills of Pennsylvania each year!

  4. I look forward to spring - Easter, rebirth, buds, flowers, asparagus, strawberries, azaleas, dogwoods, foals, piglets, kids, chcks, all the NEW life so reminding me of my new life in Christ. And yes, I have written much poetry. Badly! But I love poetry and curl up with a book of poems to relax... And my BFF is named Danica but hers is pronounced DAN a kuh


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